5 Reasons to Power Through a Morning Workout


I knew today was going to be one of those days when I woke up forty-three minutes before my already-too-early alarm. Ugh.

What is one to do? Stuck in that bizarre time period of too long to be the perfect nap, yet too short to top-off a short night’s sleep. Meh.

Anyway,  at 0415, I literally rolled out of bed to ignite my day with a rousing strength-training circuit and some of Okinawa’s most badass ladies. I kickbox, and I love it, and I love that it gets my morning where I need it to go. (Shout out, high-five, and a big-ole-THAAAAAANK YOUUUU to Capoeira Academy Okinawa for always pulling my best out of me!)

With that being said, I did not only second-guess, but I third-guessed, fourth-guessed, and fifth-guessed whether or not I really wanted to get up for my 0500 class. Did I need to workout that badly? Could I miss one day? Surely my cramps are a good enough excuse, right? Wrong.

  1. Just get up. Get one in, and spend the rest of the day feeling like a queen. I could have slept in. I would have enjoyed those extra three hours of sleep, but I would wake up and still have to work out to avoid feeling like the over-stuffed trashbag this weekend created. By absolutely no standard do I imply waking up at the actual crack of dawn is the only way to get your cardio in, but I do know that there is something magical about waking up so early, burning several hundred calories, and returning home to a freshly-brewed pot of coffee that makes your heart sing.
  2. Refuse to be governed by your spazzing ovaries (or any other ailment, really). I am one of those people that get the worst cramps, so believe me when I say that I feel you. I feel you, so hard. I know that about 8 times out of 10 the cardio distracts me to the point that the ibuprofen can kick in. Truthfully, this goes for any other bodily excuse. If you hurt in one place, focus on improving another. There is an alteration for every single thing. Today I focused on arms, legs, and bum with our medicine ball circuit, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. You could even switch up the style. Feeling jarred from running? Try yoga. Looking to up your burn from the light workouts last week? Try HIIT. Whatever you do, just don’t give yourself an excuse.
  3. The post-workout energy is unreal. It’s a rainy Monday here with a typhoon rolling in. I feel like any other day, I would curl up on the couch with my cats (who you know aren’t going to influence you to do those sit-ups, amiright?) and squeeze a nice, long nap in. However, this morning’s workout has me writhing with energy, and laying down right now isn’t an option. My to-do is a mile long: finish laundry, commissary run, meal prep, vacuum, when was the last time I cleaned the litterbox? And I adore that my screeching metabolism also has me ready to try some new recipes I’ve been putting off. You will not regret this. HEAR ME OUT.
  4. That positive mindset, tho. I was one of the folks that switched from the evening class to the morning class about a month ago. For over a year, I attended the evening class, which conveniently occurred after a long day of mom-ing, wife-ing, and my relatively-demanding day job, and I was spread thinner than that last teaspoon of butter you forgot you needed more of after you already made toast. Anyway, switching to the morning seemed like the worst idea in the history of ideas, especially for someone who is a night owl. However, I walk out bursting with that positive energy we talked about earlier, and there is also something about before-the-Sun exercise that makes you feel like a complete champion. (If I can wake up on 2 hours of sleep and pump-out 100 roundhouses, each leg, what CAN’T I do?) I always spend the rest of the day with a higher level of confidence, that bleeds into everything I do, and who couldn’t use a little more of that?
  5. “Crap, I still have to go for a run later.” Nope. You already did. My most favorite thing is going all the way through the day–talking to dozens of customers, trying to remember if I turned on the crockpot, fed the cats, and picked up the dry-cleaning (seriously sat at the facility for 4 months, my bad…)–only to have that mini-heart attack at 5:30 pm, “Crap! I still have to go to class!” Nope. Nope, I do not. I already did. You know what I have to do? I have to relax, because that’s what you do when everything else is done.

For the love of experience, get it all out of the way at the start of your day so later you can lay, and …yay. ❤

xo Chess


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Power Through a Morning Workout

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  1. Another inspiring story! Makes me want to start getting up early and exercise. There is nothing to stop me from doing this except me and my dogs not waking me up early. Hmm…maybe this will help with the pain in my hip and leg. Note to self: Take Chessa’s advice!


    1. Grandma, you know it! The best thing I ever did was switch to the early class. I feel like I pushed myself to workout so much harder, and I always feel so much better… mentally and physically. Love you!


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